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(1.) Are you well READ? Poetry, American and English Literature, The Classics…The Tale of Two Cities-(Charles Dickens),To Kill a Mockingbird-(Harper Lee), The Call of the Wild-(Jack London), Moby Dick-(Herman Melville), The Count of Monte Cristo-(Alexander Dumas), Fahrenheit 451-(Ray Bradbury), 1984-(George Orwell), just to mention a few of the all time Classics…
(2.) What do you READ? Wall Street Journal, Daily Newspaper, Fashion mags, Sports, Scify, Fiction, Inspirational, Motivational, Biographies, History, Romance, Biblical Literature…
(3.) How do you READ? Hardcover First Editions, Paperbacks, E-Books on some kind of device, like a Kindle, Smart Phone, Tablet, or on the Internet…
(4.) Do you READ well? Do you have a hard time with reading? Are you able to comprehend and retain what you read?
(5.) Who do you allow to READ you? Friends, Spouse, family, co-workers, a spiritual advisor, God’s Word…
Here are some benefits derived from READing The Book of Books, The Bible, which pretty much covers all of the elements asked in the questions, if we will allow it to effect a change in our lives, by applying the principles and truth therein…

READ-Real Encouragement, Absolute Deliverance! (Job 12:13 CEVUKOO, 2 Cor.7:6 GNT, Rom.4:21 GNT, PSA.35:9 AMP)

READ-Righteousness, Enjoyment, Armor, Delight! Armed&Dangerous…
(Psa.119:142 GW, 1st Jn.2:25 NLT, Eph.6:11 GNT, Psa.37:4 AMP)

READ-Rebellion Erased, Abolishes Doubt! (Joel 2:7 NET, Psa.51:9 ERV, Ja.5:15 CPDV, Jude1:22 ERV)

READ-Redemption, Eternity, Adoption, Destiny! (Col.1:14 NIV, Titus 1:2 ASV, Gal.4:5 NIV, Psa.73:24 NLT)

READ-Rejoice, Enlarged, Altered, Diligent! ( Phil.4:4 GNT, Psa.119:32 ISR98, 1st Cor. 15:52 NIV, Josh.23:11 HCSB)


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