Scrip for today: PDCP-05/26/14-Discipline is a blessing

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Blessed is the one you discipline, Lord, the one you teach from your law; you grant them relief from days of trouble, till a pit is dug for the wicked. (Psalm 94:12, 13 NIV)

Blissfully happy, contented and exorbitantly fortunate are those You choose to train, equip, chastise and exercise authority over, Sovereign Lord God Almighty, those You choose to impart wonderful revelation knowledge of and instruction in Your perfect established commands; You, Oh Lord, bestow and confer upon them Your great deliverance and release, from onerous times of distressing vexing afflictions and agitating harassments, even creating a place to capture, overwhelm and then hold those who are morally reprehensible, the wickedly evil. (Psalm 94:12-13 PDCP)


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