It is The Lord who vindicates us…

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Psalm 26:1-12-PDCP-Just for you, my beloved son Robert Lynn Cox…

(1) Clear my name of all accusations and all suspicions, Lord, uphold me with the evidence of your unfailing love, for I have lived a guiltless life; I have always placed my complete confidence and reliance in You, O Lord and because of that, I’ve never ever hesitated, wavered or faltered in my faith in You. (2) Authenticate me, as being genuine, evaluate and check my accuracy, inspect carefully, my emotions, desires and thoughts, my very core; (3) for there has never been a time, in my walk, that I’ve not been completely attentive, being keenly aware of Your inexhaustible, always dependable, never failing, profound, benevolent affectionate love and accordingly, thereby, continue to live my life utterly reliant upon Your great faithfulness to all Your promises, in Your Word. (4) I refuse to have fellowship or be in relationship with those who are bent on being misleading, deceiving and are fraudulent, nor am I willing to keep company or have any association with those who feign spiritual conviction publicly, while privately are morally reprehensible. (5) I’m repulsed by and utterly detest those who come together for the purpose of committing evil deeds and I decline any and all invitations to be in fellowship, of any kind, with those who are morally bereft of any righteousness. (6) I cleanse my hands in simplicity, without any guile or deception, and do all that is required of me, with regards to Your Holy Altar, on which I offer myself up on, fulfilling Your sacred purpose, O Lord, (7) announcing a proclamation of praise, with a loud voice, and declaring to everyone just how wonderful and marvelous Your great and glorious deeds are. (8) O Lord, I am overjoyed when in the house of Your abode, for it is the very dwelling place of Your glorious and magnificent manifest presence. (9) Do not ever cast me away from Your presence and place me in the company of sinners, or put my life with those who are bent towards violence and enjoy shedding innocent blood, by committing murder, (10) and are always devising, with their hands, evil designs and plans, that utilize brides, given in pledge, with their right hands, to influence and corrupt good behavior. (11) I live my life, in such a fashion, as to not assign blame nor receive blame; release me from all guilt and shame and show Your great merciful compassion towards me. (12) My feet are standing sure and steady upon Your sacred ground; in the midst of Your precious people, gathered together to worship and give praise to Your Holy Name, I will lift You up and glorify You, O Lord, forever. (Psalm 26:1-12 PDCP)

Blessings…I love you son…


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