It Takes Courage…

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IT TAKES COURAGE-to face, in life, the different SHIPS (Companionship, Relationship, Courtship, etc.) we’ll be required to serve on, as we sail on the seas of life, which will not always be smooth sailing, because we will encounter various storms, with choppy and rough seas…quite possibly we will be challenged to go to places we’ve never been before nor wanted or ever intended to go! But God is faithful, For He has promised to never leave or forsake us, Psalm 23 comes to mind…

So, it takes COURAGE to do a lot of things, that maybe requested by The Lord, for us to do during our sojourn upon the seas of life!

It takes COURAGE to: Give COMFORT, make and keep a COMMITMENT, follow His COMMANDS, have COMPASSION on others. It takes COURAGE to: CHOOSE to do what is right, to be CHEERFUL, CAREFUL to answer God’s CALL, fight for a good CAUSE, CARRY your CROSS to the place of your own CRUCIFIXION, and bear one another’s burdens and CARES. It takes COURAGE to: be willing to CHANGE, CAST a vision, CHARGE in the face of danger, CHASE down the enemy, believe like a CHILD, build Godly CHARACTER, take a CITY for God, CONFESS when you’ve sinned, be CONCILIATORY towards those you may have wronged or been hurtful too. It takes COURAGE to: CONSIDER others before yourself, be CONTENT in whatever CIRCUMSTANCES you find yourself in, be CONTRITE and humble before God and others, receive CORRECTION, CONTEND for the faith, to not follow the CROWD and to CRUCIFY the flesh at all times and on all occasions!

IF, BIG IF, we do this, then it will be CREDITED to our Heavenly account and WE WILL receive a CROWN of righteousness that is not to be COMPARED with anything in this life; for our CUP will be full, our CREATOR pleased, the CURSE of sin and death defeated, the enemy of our souls COMPLETELY CRUSHED, while all CREATION CRIES out CONTINUALLY that CHRIST is in CONTROL, because there was and is no COST too great to bring about the utter destruction of CORRUPTION, by the COVER of love, in the COURSE of time and in the COURTS of Heaven; in order to build a new COUNTRY, by and through the CONVICTION and CONVINCING of the wonderful COUNSELOR, The Holy Spirit, in order to fulfill His COVENANT with His CHILDREN!!!
It takes COURAGE!

COURAGE is always going to be under fire, but COURAGE is refined and make strong and pure through the fire; the fires of adversity, trial, trouble, tribulation, and tumult!

COURAGE helps us overcome our FOE- Face, Overcome, Experience!

Face-We need COURAGE to Face cancer, criticism and crisis’s in our lives!

Overcome-We must have COURAGE to Overcome all adversity, antagonism, and attacks!

Experience-It is imperative to have COURAGE so we are able to Experience true understanding, unity and victory, not defeat, over our FOES!

“This is My command, be strong and COURAGEOUS! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For The Lord your God is with you wherever you go!”(Joshua 1:9,NLT)
“So be strong and COURAGEOUS-all you who put your hope in The Lord!”(Psalm 31:24,NLT)


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