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For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Galatians 5:14 NIV)

Jesus tells us that we should, love God, with our whole heart, mind and soul and love our neighbor as much as, and how we love ourselves! (Matthew 22-37-39)

We must not only be willing, but in factual reality, must reach out across all barriers (fences) to share the “Good News” ( The GOSPEL-God’s Only Son Provides Eternal Life) with our neighbors…

We, as Christians, must stop isolating, insulating or alienating ourselves from our neighbors, our fellow human beings!
Many do not even know or begin to associate with their neighbors! Very sad, but true, all too often.

We must extend ourselves beyond our comfort and convenient zones!

Barriers: race, culture, class, fences, burms, pain, un-forgiveness, anger, resentment, wounds, bitterness, disappointment, trauma, death, divorce, expectations, sickness, depression, traditions, experiences, pop-culture, what’s popular or not! We must break through all barriers, for the sake of the Cross!

GRAB-Grace…Reaches…Across…All…Barriers…to embrace that which God desires to embrace with His Grace, through us, His CHURCH-Christ Helping Us Reach Complete Healing!

God Himself reached across time, space, sin, depravity and rebellion, to connect with His creation!

God displayed His love for us, His neighbor, by giving us His best, (His Son) when we were at our worst!

The only way to ever reach your neighbor is to love them as yourself! This may actually be a problem for some, though, because, in fact, some do not love themselves very much; therefore, they do love their neighbors as themselves. This, could pose a major issue, so let’s love our neighbors as The Lord loves us and laid His life down for us and our benefit!

It’s not enough to serve or love with just your hands or lips, but we need to also serve and love with our whole heart!

“All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”(Matthew 22:37-39)

Bottom line: by loving God, with our whole heart, mind and soul, and loving our neighbor, as ourselves and the way God loves us, we will keep both sides of The Sword of The Spirit sharp and ready for all that this life may offer, as a challenge to our faith!

As God is our Good Neighbor, let us be a good neighbor to the world!



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