Month: June 2015

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 06/01/15- “The Ordinary Becomes The Extraordinary!” (Acts 4:13)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 06/01/15- “The Ordinary Becomes The Extraordinary!” (Acts 4:13)

Premise Question: Just how does the ordinary transform into the extraordinary; the everyday commonplace become the amazing and remarkably uncommon, thus giving way to a surprising rise of producing the exceptional, the astounding and the wonderful?

The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus. (‭Acts of the Apostles‬ ‭4‬:‭13‬ NLT)

What the members of the ruling council of men perceived with their own eyes and understanding dumbfounded and flabbergasted them, for what was standing before them were two undistinguished, quite unexceptional common place, run of the mill, with a woeful lack of education, as well as being somewhat inferior, to them, men, Peter and John, full of bold courage, without timidity or fear, and who overwhelmed the council with their presence, causing them to observe and notice that these men exhibited, with distinction, characteristics of speaking and acting with the same authority and power of The One they had interaction with and had been close companions of, so, therefore, they were no longer just ordinary men, but had become extraordinary, because they had been been with Jesus! (Acts 4:13 PDCP)

Bottom Line: Take note: Just as the members of the ruling council took note of the obvious and undeniable dramatic transformation that had taken place in the disciples lives, even though they had not had any formal education or specialized training and instruction in the Holy Scriptures, but they had just spent the last three plus years with Jesus; so too, should we, who are members of The Company of The Redeemed, take note and accept as factual reality, that it will make a huge difference in our effectiveness and how others will perceive and respond to us, based upon how we spend our time, what we spend our time doing and who we spend our time with! We are only truly renewed by Papa God’s Word! We are only truly effective when we are empowered by His Spirit and we are only truly filled with His joy, peace and wisdom, when we invite the very presence of The LORD to take up residence and make His home in our hearts, within the within, dwelling in our innermost being! So, in order for this transformation to come to fruition, in our individual lives, where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary, our timidity turns into boldness and courage, the unimpressive becoming the amazingly impressive and it becomes completely obvious and apparent to everyone just how different we are, as a result of spending time with The LORD in prayer, His Word and in worship; we must and need to accept and understand that there is great significance in how and what we spend our time doing and who we spend our time with; for whatever presence we practice, will bear fruit in our lives! Blessings… #YouVersion #theordinarybecomestheextraordinary #practiceHispresence