SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 02/29- “Delights And Desires!” (Psalms 37:4)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: Double Entendre (meaning)…(1) A prescription (script) prescribed, by The Great Physician, for us to take each day, for our benefit and (2) A script written, for the purpose of giving direction and guidance to us, for our everyday life, in the way and manner we ought to be conducting our daily lives, given to us, by the Great playwright, in the sky, The Author of all that is good, right, just and holy. Blessings…

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 02/29- “Delights And Desires!” (Psalms 37:4)

Premise Question: What does it mean to take delight in The LORD, and just how does one do it?

“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires.”
(‭‭Psalms‬ ‭37:4‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

Be filled with rapturous joy and gleeful delight, as you enter into, being fully engaged in, the presence of The LORD, and He, The LORD GOD Almighty Himself, shall lavishly endow and bestow upon you, by granting and fulfilling your deepest longings and cravings, that, with assured certitude, shall bring you great satisfaction, fulfillment, refreshing and utter enjoyment, with perfect peace, being established in the innermost and deepest part of your unique disposition and inclination, at the very center of who you are and were divinely created, with purpose, to become. (Psalm 37:4 PDCP) Blessings…

Bottom Line: The true and authentic understanding of what it means to take delight in The LORD and how one truly does it, starts with our heart and attitude towards Him—in giving Him the honor, respect and reverential awe that is due Him—in how we choose to celebrate and cherish Him and His matchless, being the most magnificent and splendidly glorious Name, which is above and beyond every other name known and unknown to humankind—in our gleeful rejoicing and in our abandoned joyful praise and worship offered to Him, as He is to reign supreme above everyone and everything else in our lives—in our devotion and service to Him, offering, submitting and yielding our time, treasure and talent unto Him for the accomplishment and fulfillment of His divine purpose and will for our lives, which will, as a direct result of our actions and attitude, be absolutely pleasing to Him, as well as greatly benefit us, in that He will grant us the true desires of our heart—and finally, a true and positive indication (sign) that proves that we are taking delight in The LORD is, by and through our adoration, admiration, appreciation and obedience to Him and His wonderfully perfect, life-giving Holy Word! Blessings… #delightyourselfinTheLORD


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