SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 10/23- “We’ve Been Granted Freedom To Be Free And To Stay Free!” (Galatians 5:1)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: Double Entendre (meaning)…(1) A prescription (script) prescribed, by The Great Physician, for us to take each day, for our benefit and (2) A script written, for the purpose of giving direction and guidance to us, for our everyday life, in the way and manner we ought to be conducting our daily lives, given to us, by the Great playwright, in the sky, The Author of all that is good, right, just and holy. Blessings…

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 10/23- “We’ve Been Granted Freedom To Be Free And To Stay Free!” (Galatians 5:1)

Premise Question: Once any of us has been released from the bondage of sin, having been set free from the perilous darkness and certain death sentence, and are hereby, now a full fledged member of The Company of The Redeemed, having truly tasted and fully experienced the real freedom that only Jesus Christ can provide, with all of its blessings and benefits, why would any of us ever choose to return to our previous state of hopelessness, held in captivity, and in bondage to our sinful plight?

“So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law.” (Galatians‬ ‭5:1‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

It is for our great benefit of individual personal liberty, that Christ has provided freedom to all who choose to become members of The Company of The Redeemed; granting them the ability to move freely, while enjoying all the rights and privileges afforded to them, because they’ve been released and set free from the penalty of sin, which is eternal death and destruction. Therefore, stay strong, firm and resolute in the wonderful knowledge and blessed assurance of your freedom; not allowing yourself to ever become entangled by the strangling cords and heavy weights of the onerous obligations of an agency of oppression, that’s restrictive and controlling, by putting you, once again, back into restraints of bondage and captivity. (Galatians 5:1 PDCP)

Bottom Line: What a great premise question for all of us to ponder, and to seriously, with grave sincerity, consider.

To expound upon the premise question even further; why would any of us, after having tasted and experienced The LORD’s goodness and gentleness, His mercy and kindness, His gracious favor, and real freedom, ever subject ourselves again to being under the influence and control of the brutal authorities, the powers of darkness and evil rulers of this world?

There are many reasons that can possibly be given, even some of them, could quite probably, fall under the heading of mitigating circumstances; but most, if not all of them, can be attributed to our own personal decisions and choices, our own actions, behaviors, thoughts, habits, practices and weaknesses, and especially, our own inappropriate personal desires!

Here are just a select few that we all need to be aware and extremely leery of, for our own benefit and well being, as well as, for the benefit and good of those around us: Isolation, insulation, arrogance and pride, being full of conceit, self confidence and pomposity, given to being slothful and lazy, lacking discipline and integrity, being anemic and weak, due to an insufficient prayer life, a lack of fellowship and intimacy with The LORD—through spending quality time in His Word and a significant and sufficient amount of time in worship and praise of Him, both personally and corporately, with other believers.

We are too prone to worry, self-doubt, self-hate, self-loathing, being fearful, full of anxiety, shame and remorse, allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by all of this and more, and then, becoming completely exasperated, whereby we end up yielding and then finally succumbing to failure and defeat.

Other mitigating reasons, valid or invalid, perhaps may include sleep deprivation, deception, falling prey to some scheme, snare or trap, thus becoming entangled in an intricate plan and web of deceit and despair, taken advantage of in a moment of weakness and vulnerability, thus becoming entrapped and ensnared by the actions, will and desires of someone else.

Or there is always the established sage wisdom and obvious accepted fact, that a fool and his money, as well as his good reputation, will soon be separated! Added to that sage statement is the one from Solomon: “As a dog returns to his vomit, so too, a fool returns to his own folly!”

But, we are not without hope! Even if we have fallen prey to our own devices or the devices and schemes of others or even life itself and all of its vagaries and vicissitudes! We can be set free, we are set free, we can continue to stay free, if we will not allow ourselves to once again be enslaved by our own devices, and thus, become subject again to the laws of sin, death and the rulers, principalities and authorities of this world! Blessings… #freedomtobeandstayforeverfree


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