Wilmington NC

Bio: Meet Don Cox and Regina Byrd. Don and Regina seemed to be on the same path after Don’s wife passed after an extensive battle with Cancer. “Something was guiding our paths together and a blessing was bestowed for both of us with the Lord compelling us into ministry together.” It appeared the Lord had a plan for us so exactly what was the driving force that led us to open The SHIP Ministry? Let us count the ways (and the SHIPS)...... We were dealing with a particular situation, as our normal activities would typically lead us to, and as we were giving counsel, all of a sudden I got this picture of SHIPS, they started to flood my mind and heart and out from the depths of my experiences and previous encounters with others in counseling sessions, The Holy Spirit's counsel, insight and inspiration began to flow out of me and into the situation at hand! It was a beautiful sight and impacted the individuals in a remarkable way, but also Regina and I, as well! We thought to ourselves, how many different Ships we all must navigate..... The Light Bulb went off.......... In this life, we need to learn to navigate the seas of life, while also learning to serve on the various SHIPS we will sail on, as they may be hurled, upon the seas of life. Our SHIP is the life we live, our life is lived out on different SHIPS, at different times, in our life. In this life, we need The Navigator, Jesus, to teach us, to lead and guide us with The Compass, His Word and to rely upon His Spirit, The Holy Spirit for wisdom and understanding!

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