SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 12/05/15- “How Papa God Does Things Is A Mind-Blowing Mystery, But Also Amazingly Awesome!” (Ecclesiastes 11:5)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 12/05/15- “How Papa God Does Things Is A Mind-Blowing Mystery, But Also Amazingly Awesome!” (Ecclesiastes 11:5)

Premise Question: Given the reality that we cannot understand nor fully comprehend the mysteries of Papa God and life, what is it that we can do, ought to do and certainly should do?

“Just as you cannot understand the path of the wind or the mystery of a tiny baby growing in its mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the activity of God, who does all things.” (‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭11:5‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

As you are completely unaware, not having the ability nor even the capacity to know the origin of the course and direction the wind takes, or the perplexing mystery of the miracle of conception, in how the Spirit brings life to the form of a human being inside the womb of a pregnant woman, so too, the ingenious endeavors and activities of The LORD GOD Almighty is far above and beyond your ability to comprehend or fully understand. For The LORD GOD Almighty is The Author, The Originator, The Inventor, The Maker, The Builder and The Producer of all things in Heaven and on the earth, and even beyond Heaven and earth. And furthermore, there is not anything that He, Papa God, is not able to do and do excellently. (Ecclesiastes 11:5 PDCP)

Bottom Line: Papa God’s ways and thoughts, being too wonderful to fully understand or comprehend by us, because His ways, being in stark contrast to our ways and His thoughts, are much higher than ours, and therefore, should not, and in fact, is not and certainly cannot be compared. But, Papa God’s ways and thoughts can be and should be, though, fully accepted by us, by each of us placing our complete faith and utter trust and reliance in and upon Him and His ways and thoughts, as being The Only Real Truth, that merits and deserves us our having the full confidence and assurance that it is for our greatest good and benefit that He does what He does, in the way that He does all things, with love and excellence! Blessings… #trustandobeyforthereisnootherviableway

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP-12/04/15- “As Long As I Have Breath, I Will Praise The LORD!” (Psalms63:4-5)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 12/04/15- “As Long As I Have Breath, I Will Praise The LORD!” (Psalms 63:4-5)

Premise Question: For what duration and in what way and manner, should we, as members of The Company of The Redeemed, honor The Name of The LORD GOD Almighty?

“I will praise you as long as I live, lifting up my hands to you in prayer. You satisfy me more than the richest feast. I will praise you with songs of joy.”
(‭‭Psalms‬ ‭63:4-5‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

It is of my own volition, that I deliberately, with great diligence, devotion and determination, each and everyday of my life, for as long as I shall have breath, choose to honor You, O LORD, wholeheartedly, with every fiber and all the strength of my being, by offering up to You, my highest and most extravagant praise and worship, unto Your magnificent, incomparable and splendidly glorious Name. In so doing, I shall be filled with the glory of Your presence, being completely content, absolutely gratified and supplied abundantly, with every kind of the most delectable of fare. Therefore, I shall not ever stop lifting my hands, my heart and my voice, with expressions of great and exuberant joyful praise unto You, LORD GOD Almighty. I will utter these ecstatic expressions, with my mouth and lips, and with singing, that shall come from the very depths of my most grateful and satisfied heart and soul, even within the within of the innermost part of my being. (Psalms 63:4-5 PDCP)

Bottom Line: We, as fully accepted and sealed members of The Company of The Redeemed, should always be joyfully ready and willing to, at all times, on all occasions and in every circumstance and situation, without exception, offer up unto The LORD GOD Almighty, invoking, bestowing upon and honoring His Name, with constant expressions of extravagant praise and worship, in songs, that are filled with exuberant joyful singing, which should ultimately come from deep within the within of our innermost beings, being forever grateful, full of joy, extremely thankful, hearts and souls. Blessings… #aslongasihavebreath

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 11/26/15- “Give Thanks To Papa God—Tell Others Of His Goodness!” (Psalms 9:1)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 11/26/15- “Give Thanks To Papa God—Tell Others Of His Goodness!” (Psalms 9:1)

Premise Question: What attitude, condition and personal action should we have, exhibit and take, that truly determines, shows and proves, that we, the people of Papa God, are actually offering up to The LORD, authentic praise and worship, true honor and reverence, with real thanksgiving, sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude?

“I will praise you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.” (‭‭Psalms‬ ‭9:1‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

It is my great privilege, delightful pleasure and extreme honor to choose, of my own volition, with a purposeful determination and strong conviction, to make it my daily practice and disposition, of always expressing thanks and exuberant praise, with a heart full of gratitude and appreciation to You, my LORD and my Papa God; holding nothing back or in reserve, I am fully persuaded and devoted to declaring to everyone everywhere, with much enthusiasm, all about Your miraculous mighty acts, Your wonderful works, Your glorious exploits and gracious deeds. (Psalms 9:1 PDCP)

Bottom Line: A humble and contrite attitude of gratitude, that comes from and is continually being expressed from, a heart full of joyful rejoicing praise, honor and thanks; and then, tells others of The LORD’s excellent goodness and wonderful deeds, is what determines, shows and proves, that our praise, worship and honor of Him is truly authentic and absolutely real. We, as believers and the people of Papa God, should make it our aim in life, to always, without holding anything back in reserve, choose to give all thanks to Papa God, The Sovereign LORD God Almighty, and too, as we have opportunity, should always choose to tell others about His glorious, filled with grace, goodness and mercy. Blessings… #givingthanks #praisingTheLORDwholeheartedly #tellothersaboutthegoodnessofTheLORD

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11/08-SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 11/08/15- “Love And Embrace The LORD’s Discipline!” (Proverbs 3:11-12)

Premise Question: Why, and for what specific purpose, does The LORD discipline those He cherishes and loves, and how should one respond to The LORD’s discipline, when on the receiving end?

“My child, don’t reject the LORD’s discipline, and don’t be upset when he corrects you. For the LORD corrects those he loves, just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights.” (‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:11-12‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

My most beloved and precious child, do not regard with contempt, disdain or disgust, The LORD’s faithful instruction and training in righteousness; for it is for your greatest good and benefit, as it produces godliness in you. Rather, welcome and embrace it! Don’t try to hide from it, escape or avoid it, but always relish and revel in it. Be ever thankful for it and take it as a wonderful sign, an indication and beautiful expression, of His great love for you. Furthermore, don’t ever try to circumvent, obfuscate, finagle or manipulate it, but always quickly accept it, with a grateful heart, for you’ll be better off, in so doing. And, whatever you do, refuse to take offense or be annoyed, irritated, irked or indignant, when The LORD decides to reprimand you because of His disapproval of your ungodly behaviors, actions and attitudes. For He only ever brings His directed correction into the lives of those He truly cherishes and dearly loves. Even as a loving and caring earthly parent will administer carefully crafted correction to their own precious child, whom they take the greatest of pleasure, enjoyment and contentment in, knowing that the discipline they administer will bring much benefit to the child; so too, it is for this very reason, that The LORD faithfully administers, with great care, His loving discipline to His own children. (Proverbs 3:11-12 PDCP)

Bottom Line: The simple and most obvious reason why The LORD disciplines those He loves, is because His greatest desire is to have a holy, honorable, right, good, satisfying, flourishing and completely fulfilling relationship, with a strong unbreakable connection, that will not ever be disconnected, discontinued or broken, with them. He derives His greatest pleasure and delight from interacting, protecting, providing for and seeing His very own unique creation, revel, rejoice and succeed in life. He, The LORD GOD, The Creator, absolutely adores us, as He has placed His great love and strong affinity for us above all others and everything else in His creation; whether they be in Heaven or on earth. His allegiance and unfailing love shown towards all of humankind, by not holding His best back from them, but freely offering the very best of Himself, in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ and the power and personal presence of His Holy Spirit, to redeem, lead, guide, direct and help them in their daily lives. In all of this, He proves His undying love, care and concern for His very own chosen and unique people.

Now, for the specific purposes, that He disciplines His own, I’ve already touched on, but here is the central core of what His purpose is. He does it for our own good and greatest benefit, as well as, the benefit of others and so that we will not only be completely fit, in spirit, soul and body, but also that we will be fit for The Kingdom and enabled to do the work of The Kingdom. He will be faithful and diligent to make sure that we will become, achieve and do all that we were intentionally designed and created to do. This, because we are His greatest masterpiece and workmanship, in the whole of His creation.

Finally, our response to The LORD’s discipline being administered to us in our daily lives, should be one of gratitude, thankfulness, great appreciation and also, that it is such a huge honor to be so fortunate to be loved and cherished in this manner and fashion, by our creator, The LORD GOD Almighty. So, love and embrace The LORD’s discipline in your life. You can’t go wrong by doing it; and it really is in your best interest and for your greatest good! Blessings… #embracethedisciplineofTheLORD

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 09/19/15- “Hold On—Don’t Ever Let Go—No Matter What!” (Hebrews 10:35-36)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 09/19/15- “Hold On—Don’t Ever Let Go—No Matter What!” (Hebrews 10:35-36)

Premise Question: Is there, has there or will there ever be any good reason, righteous justification or vindicable mitigating circumstance, that could be construed as making it somewhat or even entirely understandable and completely acceptable, for being a determining factor, as to whether or not one should ever let go of their faith in The LORD?

“So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you! Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.”
(‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭10:35-36‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

So, do not abandon, by turning away from and letting go of, the firm grasp you now hold on your faith; that of having a fully assured belief and trust, that you shall be triumphant and declared a victorious Overcomer. For you will be rewarded, with an abundant supply of all that you have need of, in this life and the life to come, as you, with a sense of urgency, persist in making the greatest desire in your life, to be the pursuit of the fulfillment of Papa God’s divine purpose and will for your life. Then, you shall receive the just recompense and reward, of having everything that The LORD God Almighty has promised, given and provided to you. (Hebrews 10:35-36 PDCP)

Bottom Line: The absolute, as well as, being the only acceptable and beneficial answer to this premise question is: NOPE! For we should always be ready, willing and with The LORD’s very capable and extremely effective help, to persevere, with patient endurance, anything and everything, no matter what may come our way; regardless of the situation, scenario or circumstance. We should not ever give up, or give in, by throwing the proverbial towel in the air, but we should always press in to The LORD, by holding on tight, refusing to ever let go of Him and our faith in Him; thus, we are to utterly rely on Him and His strength, peace, comfort and provision to us, of giving to us whatever is needed to carry us on through to our ultimate victory. So hold on tightly to your faith, without ever wavering; for Papa God can absolutely be trusted to come through for you. And therefore, be resolute, don’t ever put away or aside, nor ignore or neglect, The LORD or your faith, as it is not only not worth it or ever appropriate to do so, but it also will not ever truly work out to your benefit, favor or advantage, if you ever so choose to give up or give in, by letting go of the tight grasp you now have on your faith and upon The LORD! Always remember: Hold On—Don’t Ever Let Go—No Matter What! For if you do not faint, better days and better things are just ahead, as well as, there being a most incredible, tremendous and incomparable reward, that most assuredly, awaits you! Blessings… #YouVersion #donotevergiveupnomatterwhat #donoteverletgoofyourfaithforanyoneoranything