all things are possible with Papa God

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 03/06- “With Papa God, Nothing’s Impossible!” (Matthew 19:26)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: Double Entendre (meaning)…(1) A prescription (script) prescribed, by The Great Physician, for us to take each day, for our benefit and (2) A script written, for the purpose of giving direction and guidance to us, for our everyday life, in the way and manner we ought to be conducting our daily lives, given to us, by the Great playwright, in the sky, The Author of all that is good, right, just and holy. Blessings…

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 03/06- “With Papa God, Nothing’s Impossible!” (Matthew 19:26)

Premise Question: How is it even a remote possibility that anyone, of humankind, can be saved (redeemed), wealthy or not?

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.” (‭Matthew‬ ‭19‬:‭26‬ NLT)

After the encounter with the rich young man and the disciples question about who in the world could be saved; Jesus turned His undivided attention towards His disciples and earnestly spoke directly into their hearts and understanding, making it crystal clear, that the efforts of humankind, with regards to being saved, is extremely limited and not possible through any human means, measures or manner. But, with Papa God, Who has limitless power and authority, all things, anything, even everything is absolutely possible. (Matthew 19:26 PDCP)

Bottom Line: Jesus had just had an encounter with a wealthy young man, who had asked if there was something good, that he could personally do, that would qualify him for eternal life. Jesus responded, by telling him to keep The Commandments. Then, the rich young man asked Jesus to tell him which ones he needed to keep; so, Jesus spoke about murder, adultery, stealing, lying, honoring your father and mother, and loving your neighbor. The rich young man confidently declared that he had, in fact, obeyed all of those commands and wondered if there was anything else he needed to do. That’s when Jesus put him to the test, by telling him he needed to sell everything he possessed, give it all away to the poor and then come and follow Him. Well, this was too much for the rich young man to handle, so he went away dejected, but, in reality, Jesus was asking him to obey the 1st and 2nd Commandments, which was, because of his great wealth, too difficult for him to accept. The disciples were overwhelmed with astonishment and wondered if it was even a possibility for anyone to be saved. That’s when Jesus makes this salient point: Which is, without Papa God’s provision of His Son, Jesus Christ, it’s an absolute impossibility for anyone, of humankind, to be saved! But, with Papa God’s provision of His Son, Jesus Christ, all things become possible, even the salvation (redemption) of humankind! Oh, and by the way, in order to qualify for eternal life, one would have to follow perfectly and fulfill completely The Commandments, Papa God’s righteous requirements of His Law, but in order to do that, which is humanly impossible, you’d have to be perfect and without sin to begin with; and there has only ever been One individual who qualified to even attempt to satisfy perfectly the righteous requirements of Papa God’s Holy Law, His Commandments; His Name, is of course, Jesus Christ, The LORD! Thank You Papa God for Your wonderful gift!

Be encouraged today, and know, beyond any shadow of any doubt, that all things, anything and everything is possible with Papa God; for nothing is ever impossible to those who place their complete trust and reliance in and upon Him. Blessings… #withPapaGodnothingisimpossible