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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 09/03/15- “Approach Him And You’ll Find Comfort, Peace And Real Refreshing Rest, For All Eternity!” (Matthew 11:28)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 09/03/15- “Approach Him And You’ll Find Comfort, Peace And Real Refreshing Rest, For All Eternity!” (Matthew 11:28)

Premise Question: What is the unique, one of a kind, being incomparable and absolutely wonderful message, with promise, contained within The LORD’S compelling bidding, to COME unto Him?

“Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew‬ ‭11:28‬ ‭NLT)

“Approach Me, The LORD God Almighty of all comfort and peace; for My arms are open wide, ready to receive anyone and everyone who is exhausted, lacking vim and vigor, no longer feeling fresh, but burned-out, drained, fatigued, lacking patience, having become jaded by the vagaries and vicissitudes of life. Draw close to Me, by confidently entering into My presence, bringing with you all of your heavy oppressive burdens that you’re presently trying to hold, carry and manage, on your own, all alone, without any help from anyone; and I, The LORD God of all comfort and peace, will give you a respite from all of your distressing tumult, by granting you a completely satisfying rest that rejuvenates, refreshes and renews you in your body, soul and spirit.” (Matthew 11:28 PDCP)

Bottom Line: Within the urgent bidding of The LORD’S especially prepared RSVP invitation to COME unto Him, which also comes with an incredible assuring guarantee is: Redemption, Refreshing, Rest, Relief, Release, Respite, Restoration and Renewal; Salvation, Solace, Safekeeping, Success, Sustentation, Surety, Support, and Shelter; Victory, Vision, Value, Verity, Vacation, Vaccine, Vim and Vigor; Promise, Protection, Perfection, Peace, Provision, Preservation, Possibility and Possession. C-O-M-E…CHRIST, The Most High, Sovereign Almighty LORD God, OFFERS the provision of salvation and releasing freedom to ME, so that I, along with everyone else who believes, receives and accepts Papa God’s gracious invitation, can obtain EASE from their heavy burdens of shame, strife, sorrow, scorn, sickness and sin! So, let each one of us take The LORD’S most generous and gracious offer to give us relief, refreshing and rejuvenating rest from the heavy burdens of our physical exhaustion, our mental fatigue, our emotional duress and stress and our spiritual emaciation, due to our sinful practices. Answer and personally accept The LORD’S RSVP invitation to COME unto Him, and then, give Him all of your heavy burdens and find comfort and peace, and real refreshing rest for all eternity! Blessings… #YouVersion #comeuntome #findrestinHim


SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 02/13/15- “Don’t Give Up, No Matter What!” (Galatians 6:9)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 02/13/15- “Don’t Give Up, No Matter What!”
(Galatians 6:9)

Premise Question: What is it, that would have to happen in our lives, that would be so annoying, that it causes us to give up, quit, becoming exasperated, to the point of complete exhaustion and total burnout, so that we would succumb, by throwing in the proverbial towel?

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. (‭Galatians‬ ‭6‬:‭9‬ NLT)

So, let’s understand a vitally important spiritual principle, by getting it straightway, upfront and right out into the open. Perish and put to death any thought of ever giving up on achieving and doing what is right, just and that which fulfills Papa God’s will and purpose for your life! Don’t even entertain it a little bit. Don’t ever become lackadaisical or passive in your effort to serve others and please Papa God; for when you make the decision, in your heart, to trust Papa God and to not ever give up, no matter what, there will come a time, a perfect and exact moment in time, when you shall experience and receive your just reward, which shall be a huge blessing of an abundant harvest, from The LORD. (Galatians 6:9 PDCP)

Bottom Line: Whatever it is, that would cause us to give in or up and throw in the proverbial towel, we need to decide right now, in our hearts and minds, deep within the within, that we shall have a calm resolve and an utter dependence and reliance upon The LORD, that no matter what, we are not going to give in or up, but we are going to press in and up to Papa God, trusting Him for the victory and the accomplishment of His will and purpose, in our lives! So, let’s all be determined to always: Call on Him! (Jeremiah 33:3) Wait on Him! (Isaiah 40:31) Don’t give in to fear! (Lamentations 3:57) Desire to do His will! (Psalm 40:8) And, Always draw and stay close to Him! (James 4:8) Blessings… #YouVersion #thanksforthedailyscrip

Scrip for today:PDCP-05/27/14-A good fight

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Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses. (1 Timothy 6:12 NIV)


In the fullest and highest degree, I plainly, with the greatest of accuracy, convey to you, that no matter who or whatever person, anyone and everyone, that listens to and takes to heart, My message, as well as, chooses to place their full confidence, with complete trust in Father God, Who dispatched Me here to the earth, will continue to exist, forever and without end throughout all of eternity, and also will not be subject to the righteous requirement of God’s law, but will traverse from one place, the place of receiving our just reward for our wickedness, which is eternal death, to another place, the place of receiving His peace, joy, righteousness and an eternal life of bliss! (John 5:24 PDCP), your personal testimony of salvation! (1Timothy 6:12 PDCP)