SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 11/03/15- “Together, Let Us Worship The Rock Of Our Salvation!” (Psalms 95:1-2)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 11/03/15- “Together, Let Us Worship The Rock Of Our Salvation!” (Psalms 95:1-2)

Premise Question: What is the critically most important key, being an absolute necessity, and then, what are some of the other significant keys, that would be extremely helpful, for us to accept and understand, in regards to our praise and worship of The LORD, The Rock of our salvation?

“Come, let us sing to the LORD! Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come to him with thanksgiving. Let us sing psalms of praise to him.” (‭‭Psalms‬ ‭95:1-2‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

Let us, The Company of The Redeemed, all come together as one, with great delight and celebration, singing joyful exultations unto The King Eternal, The Sovereign LORD GOD Almighty. Let us all, together in unison, with one voice, exclaim with exuberant expressions of worship and praise, that are literally expressed, being uttered at the top of our lungs and with all our might, unto our Great Protector, The Almighty Solid Rock; our Redeemer who rescues us from certain death and destruction. Let us all, together as one, with boldness, confidently approach the throne of grace and mercy of The Sovereign LORD GOD Almighty; entering into His glorious presence with hearts overflowing, full of gratitude and thanksgiving, for all His benefits and gracious favor given and shown us. Let us do this, by extolling His Excellency, with wonderfully inspired spiritual songs, psalms of praise, hymns and music of every ilk, kind, style, tradition and culture. (Psalms 95:1-2 PDCP)

Bottom Line: The absolutely necessary, being the critically most important key for us as members of The Company of The Redeemed, who are the dearly beloved and most cherished children of The Most High, is to come together as one, into complete and full agreement and unity, on this one vital principle and truth; that Jesus Christ is The King Eternal, The Rock of our eternal salvation, The LORD of all! And everyone who calls on The Name of The LORD, shall be saved! That is where we should and must begin. Then, after we’ve come together as one, it is important for us to celebrate and joyfully accept and embrace one another, in the various and sundry, different types, forms, functions and expressions of praise and worship. One expression of praise and worship may be more acceptable or preferred, over another, by different segments or groups, within the whole of the body and congregation of The Company of The Redeemed. But they all should be joyfully accepted, recognized and celebrated, as all of them have as their focus, or at least should have, the wonderful expressions of laudations, exultations, exaltation and thanksgivings being offered up to The LORD; all coming and emanating from hearts that are full of gratitude, uttered with mouths that are filled with rejoicing and boisterous celebration, singing, shouting, hands raised or clapping, feet jumping or dancing, all for the express purpose of honoring, glorifying, praising and worshiping The One True and Living Eternal Sovereign LORD GOD Almighty, Jesus Christ, The LORD and King of all, The Rock of our salvation! Blessings… #JesusisTheRockofoursalvation
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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 10/15/15- “If Thirsty, Come Drink And Believe, For Then, You’ll Be Forever Changed!” (John 7:37b-38)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 10/15/15- “If Thirsty, Come Drink And Believe, For Then, You’ll Be Forever Changed!” (John 7:37b-38)

Premise Question: What do we truly hunger and thirst for; we are ever searching, looking and desperately hoping to somehow achieve and eventually receive fully, in this life here on earth?

“Anyone who is thirsty may come to me! Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’” (John‬ ‭7:37b-38‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

“Let anyone and everyone, from anywhere and everywhere, who has an unquenchable thirsting for real truth and authentic love, beat feet quickly, without delay, to Me, The One True Authentic LORD GOD Almighty; for I Am The Real Truth and The Only Authentic, Pure Love. Come drink till you’re full and spilling over. Come drink to your hearts content and full delight, even till you’ve become a fountain of real truth and authentic pure love. Whoever, from wherever, places their complete faith, trust and reliance in Me, The One True LORD GOD Almighty, in accordance with what has been recorded in The Holy Writ, Papa God’s Word; shall have gushing out of them, rushing rivers of the life giving flow, of The Living Water, bursting forth from deep within the within, of the innermost part of their being, becoming a pure source of The Fountainhead of the life giving flow of all life, which is Papa God’s Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Christ!” (John 7:37b-38 PDCP)

Bottom Line: Every individual person that is born into this life upon the earth, and then has the opportunity to grow up and live long enough to experience the culture and life around them, no matter what that life or culture may be, has deep within themselves, a Papa God (The Creator of humankind) given innate hunger and thirst to be loved, accepted, embraced, understood and then, for their life to have significance, purpose and meaning, hopeful that they can achieve a legacy, to leave behind, after they’re gone from this world. They will have a desire to have compassion shown towards them; to be able to personally experience sympathy and empathy for themselves and have it towards others; to receive and give relief, aid, help, comfort and encouragement; to have and experience complete joy, real peace and safety; to take and drink in the fullness of life as a huge cup of satisfying, thirst quenching cheer; to celebrate life with a thanksgiving toast of gratitude; lifting their cup of salvation up to The Giver of all life, Jesus Christ, The Fountainhead, The Holy Spirit, The One who fills us to overflowing with gushing and rushing rivers of life, which then causes us to thrive and flourish, thus being completely satisfied and fulfilled, while finding refreshing rest, solace, succor and success, here on this earth and beyond. The LORD Jesus says that He is The True Bread from Heaven and The Only Real Living Water; and if anyone anywhere will come to Him, their search for true food will be over, for they will never hunger again, nor will they ever really die! Also He says, that if anyone anywhere will believe in Him, they will never ever have to look for that satisfying, thirst quenching drink ever again, for their deepest hunger and thirsting will be completely satiated and satisfied! Are you thirsty and hungry and you’ve not ever truly been satisfied or fulfilled, seemingly always something a bit amiss or not quite there? Come drink to your fill, to your heart’s delight, quenching your thirst, being completely consoled and fully satisfied! You won’t ever, throughout all of eternity, regret it! Blessings… #YouVersion #Jesusistherealvreadoflifecometohimandneverhunferagain #believeinJesusandneverthirstagain

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 09/03/15- “Approach Him And You’ll Find Comfort, Peace And Real Refreshing Rest, For All Eternity!” (Matthew 11:28)

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SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 09/03/15- “Approach Him And You’ll Find Comfort, Peace And Real Refreshing Rest, For All Eternity!” (Matthew 11:28)

Premise Question: What is the unique, one of a kind, being incomparable and absolutely wonderful message, with promise, contained within The LORD’S compelling bidding, to COME unto Him?

“Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew‬ ‭11:28‬ ‭NLT)

“Approach Me, The LORD God Almighty of all comfort and peace; for My arms are open wide, ready to receive anyone and everyone who is exhausted, lacking vim and vigor, no longer feeling fresh, but burned-out, drained, fatigued, lacking patience, having become jaded by the vagaries and vicissitudes of life. Draw close to Me, by confidently entering into My presence, bringing with you all of your heavy oppressive burdens that you’re presently trying to hold, carry and manage, on your own, all alone, without any help from anyone; and I, The LORD God of all comfort and peace, will give you a respite from all of your distressing tumult, by granting you a completely satisfying rest that rejuvenates, refreshes and renews you in your body, soul and spirit.” (Matthew 11:28 PDCP)

Bottom Line: Within the urgent bidding of The LORD’S especially prepared RSVP invitation to COME unto Him, which also comes with an incredible assuring guarantee is: Redemption, Refreshing, Rest, Relief, Release, Respite, Restoration and Renewal; Salvation, Solace, Safekeeping, Success, Sustentation, Surety, Support, and Shelter; Victory, Vision, Value, Verity, Vacation, Vaccine, Vim and Vigor; Promise, Protection, Perfection, Peace, Provision, Preservation, Possibility and Possession. C-O-M-E…CHRIST, The Most High, Sovereign Almighty LORD God, OFFERS the provision of salvation and releasing freedom to ME, so that I, along with everyone else who believes, receives and accepts Papa God’s gracious invitation, can obtain EASE from their heavy burdens of shame, strife, sorrow, scorn, sickness and sin! So, let each one of us take The LORD’S most generous and gracious offer to give us relief, refreshing and rejuvenating rest from the heavy burdens of our physical exhaustion, our mental fatigue, our emotional duress and stress and our spiritual emaciation, due to our sinful practices. Answer and personally accept The LORD’S RSVP invitation to COME unto Him, and then, give Him all of your heavy burdens and find comfort and peace, and real refreshing rest for all eternity! Blessings… #YouVersion #comeuntome #findrestinHim