S-O-B-E-R —Steadfast Obedient Blessed Encourage Renew/Refuel


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Papa God’s Word gives us a wonderful picture of what it means to be S-O-B-E-R, as believers. His Word details what our state of mind, our attitude toward ourselves and others, should be, as well as what we ought to be placing our hope in. His Word tells us that He has supplied the faith needed, to each one, in order to accomplish this daunting, but vital endeavor of fulling the call of Papa God, in and upon our lives! It, His Word, encourages us to not be like “others” who may be sleep walking through life, but to accept the fact that we are to be awake and alert, living our lives out in the open, circumspectly, in broad daylight, so to speak, being clothed with faith, love and hope for everyone to clearly see! (1st. Pet. 1:13, Rom. 12:3, 1st. Thess. 5:6-8, NIV)

In order to fulfill Papa God’s call upon our lives, we must be S-O-B-E-R, in every part of our lives!

STEADFAST to answer His call, upon your life! (Psa. 119:5, NIV)

OBEDIENT to His call, in your life! (Psa. 128:1, NIV)

BLESSED as you fulfill His call, in your life! (Deut. 28:6, NIV)

ENCOURAGE others to answer His call, in their lives! (1st. Thess. 2:12, NIV)

RENEW/REFUEL yourself and others, to continue fulfilling His call, in your life!

All of this is done and accomplished with a proper diet and intake of good nourishing F-O-O-D: FAITHFULNESS to His house and His people, OBEDIENCE to His Word and will for our lives, OBLATION in our praise and worship of The King Jesus, and DEVOTION to prayer and good deeds!

When you are called, it is a S-O-B-E-R-(ing) thing! We must be S-O-B-E-R in order to do it! But Papa God is ever faithful…He will renew and refresh the strength and resolve of all those who will look to Him; relying on Him to enable them to soar like eagles, above the fray, and to have the ability to walk and run, without becoming overwhelmed and lost without any hope of victory!

At times, all may appear to be lost, but if we put our hope and trust in Papa God, He will not disappoint, but will be and is always ever faithful to His Word and His own! (Col. 3:10, Psa. 103:5, Isa. 40:31, NIV) Blessings…