Words and Principles to Live by…

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The 30 Wise/Sage Principles Of Life-adapted from The Proverbs/MSG version. (Pro. 22:27-24:22)

1.) Don’t take advantage of the poor!

2.) Don’t keep company with angry or hotheaded people!

3.) Don’t gamble on a foolish fantasy or delusion!

4.) Don’t mess with established boundaries!

5.) Observe and follow the example of those who are good at their work!

6.) Mind your manners and own business, be propitious!

7.) Don’t wear yourself out trying to become rich; it’s fleeting and foolish!

8.) Don’t accept something from someone, thinking you’ll not have to give something in return. There’s no free lunch. Strings will always be attached!

9.) Don’t waste your time talking to fools-it makes no sense!

10.) Don’t try to cheat anyone!

11.) Listen to wise instruction with open ears, heart and mind!

12.) Don’t be afraid to administer discipline!

13.) Make your parents happy and proud by becoming wise!

14.) Don’t follow or envy the careless rebels! Soak in the presence and the fear of The Lord!

15.) Moderation in everything, stay pointed in the right direction!

16.) Make your mother and father proud of you, by, respecting your father and taking care of your mother when she grows old!

17.) Pay attention to all that The Lord is telling you! And for your sake, stay away from whores!

18.) Don’t let drink control and rule your life-not a pleasant sight!

19.) Don’t envy bad people, don’t hang around with them! You hang around with them, you may end up being hung with them!

20.) Wisdom, understanding, knowledge; it takes them all to build a house with a firm foundation, with every room filled with wonderful furnishings and treasures!

21.) It’s better to be wise than strong! Intelligence outweighs muscle any day!

22.) Wise conversation will always be over the heads of fools! In any serious discussion, they will always be clueless!

23.) Steer clear of those who are always stirring up trouble!

24.) Difficult and hard times reveal our true character and what we are made of!

25.) Rescue the perishing without excuses or any hesitation!

26.) Eat the honey of The Word; for its knowledge and wisdom for our souls and will secure our life!

27.) Don’t mess in people’s lives!

28.) Don’t laugh at people’s plight!

29.) Don’t worry about braggarts or wish that you could succeed like the wicked!

30.) Always fear God, respect your leaders, don’t be rebellious, defiant or mutinous!

Treasure these principles, keep them in your heart and apply them in your life on all occasions, in every situation, everyday of your life!