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“Help Me To See, Hear And Listen!”

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Check out and meditate upon this thought for today from The book of Proverbs!

“Hearing and seeing are gifts from the Lord. Our inner thoughts are a lamp from the Lord, and they search our hearts.” (Proverbs 20:12, 27 CEVUS06)

Thank The LORD GOD Almighty that He does give us the ability to hear and see and that He gives us an inner voice that shines its light upon our hearts and inner life!

Just because we have physical eyes and ears, doesn’t mean we are able to see and hear spiritually—They are most precious and treasured, gracious gifts from Him!

I encourage each one of us to individually breathe this simple prayer as we begin each new day…

PRAYER: “Dear LORD GOD Almighty, open my spiritual eyes and ears, that I might see and hear correctly, with understanding and insight, all that You desire for me to comprehend and to do in this new day.

Thank You LORD GOD Almighty for the inner voice of conviction, that is the searchlight of my heart!

I pray the inner voice will always be heard and that its light burn bright upon, in and through my life each day; for it is my desire, O LORD, to do Your will…Amen!”